The List of TheTraditional Rituals and Festivals Which Will Take Place in 2012.

1. “Հացը լեռներում” (“ Bread in the mountains”), Erebuni Museum, Yerevan, June 12

• Exhibition-tasting of ritual dishes
• The member restaurants of the organization and the individual cooks represent the traditional Armenian holidays and ritual cuisine in separate booths. There are also some other representatives from other nations who represent their traditional and ritual dishes.
• 13 church holidays are being represented during the exhibition-tasting, with their peculiar dishes.

2. “Tolma Festival’’ Sardarapat, Armavir Region, July 11

• There are represented different types of tolma made by representatives of different villages and regions.
• There are participating the leading Armenian restaurants and individuals from Yerevan and regions as well, from each of which makes his/her own variant of traditional tolma with a unique recipe.

3. “Navasard” (old New Year) or “Tonraton”, Tsaghkunk village, Sevan, Gegharkunik Region, August 11

• Are conducted games concerning to “Navasard” holiday
• In the ground oven and over it are made different types of traditional dishes
• The event also consists of artistic part where there are represented national Armenian dances and songs.

4. “Barbeque Festival” Akhtala, Lori Region , September 7, 8, 9

• September 7- “Rock” Concert
• September 8, 9- the main Barbeque Festival
• Competition between chefs
• There are represented different ways of Barbeque cooking; “Barbeque in the fireplace”, “Barbeque on the horizontal bar”, “Barbeque in the hole” (shepherd barbeque), “Barbeque in ground oven”, etc.
• Competitions for “The best taste”, “The best look”, “The best idea”, “The best traditional barbeque”.
• Special prizes and so on.

5. “Areni Wine Festival”, Vayots Dzor Region, October 6

• Armenian wine-maker’s fair
• Public and professional wine tasting
• Business meetings
• National music, dances, games, theatrical performances
• Contests- “Armenia in your eyes” best wine label contest, “Gold keg” prize for the best wine among the best wine producers, “Wine tasting contest” among homemade wine producers, “The best souvenir of the festival” etc.